Dana Radzinskaya


Dana Radzinskaya is a young artist from Belarus who has been living and working in the Bay Area (California, USA) since 2013.
Dana was born in Novopolotsk where in 2006, she graduated from School of Art & Architecture. In 2011, she got a Masters Diploma in Architecture in Belarusian National Technical University in Minsk. Worked as an architect for LLC “Mostovik”.

After moving to California, Dana has fallen in love with it's weather, the life style and the beautiful nature and plunged into art with even more INSPIRATION. She works in different mediums and technics (acrylic, watercolor, graphics, oil, etc.) Also, she teaches kids and adults art classes in her own Art Studio in Sunnyvale.

Dana's newest collection of paintings

“Sixth Sense” is unique. Each painting is ready to be hanged in different ways as YOU like.

As you INTUITION tells you.


" the  Earth   without  "art" is just  "Eh". "

- Unknown